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Support our Youth Programs, let our volunteers and youth  build your website

Pay It Forward

When You donate to Todays Voice Radio as a monthly sponsor you support a true Public service Radio Network and get listed and join their Pay It Forward Program 

Sponsor A Car

We have reached out to Drivers and Racing Teams from all over the country. You can Advertise your  Business in local Races and tracks by supporting Laps for Love. We will find Drivers from all over the country who will be driving in your area willing to place your advertising on their car.


Helping our Service Men and Women who have had their Family relationships damaged 


Reuniting Siblings and Families that have been separated by the events of life 

Sponsor a Kid

Help get a kid and their family into better situation or help an underprivileged kids. Our programs are hands on  and intensive to Empower them over any obstacle and trama.

Looking for Drivers

looking for Drivers and Teams that are willing to help our program and drive for our advertisers and sponsors 


We have  United with others working on a common goal of Issues concerning the families of Today. Due to the many Issues Destroying Our Families we can only make change by working with these affiliates and supporting each other

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Two Ways to Help

It Cost us Thousands of Dollars to take an underprivileged kid and give them the Equipment , tools and gear they need.

Car Advertising – We take drivers and Teams from across the country that have teamed up with us to advertise your business on their car when they come to your event or track.

Mission statements –  To unit affiliates and people who are concerned about what is happening to our families today and support the Children effected by family Issues .

Company policies – Laps for Love is a group of Parents and Grandparents who have been separated from their Children and/or Grandchildren and have come to realize that being estranged is hard for adults, therefore must be that much harder on children. After researching this matter have found that the facts prove family Issues effect children more then previously thought

Executive thoughts – A company is only as strong as its volunteers and sponsors . We are always thankful to those that help and support us.

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