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How to get your car Sponsored

Driver sponsors

Drivers who may not have sponsors. We reach out to businesses where local races and find sponsors for them. This allows drivers who may not be able to travel to do so!

Commitment – Drivers report to our Coordinators for up coming races they want to attend and we look for local Businesses that will be willing to share those expenses

Cost– It cost the driver and his team NOTHING. The only requirement is for driver or team to send us their race schedule and to be willing to have sponsors decal or  wrap on their car for that single race.

We work printers and companies for decals and wraps, we also try to get installation (but sometimes may not be include, driver and team may be required to install).  Once printing is done is  the only time driver or team may be required to pay or reimburse any cost.

Company policies – There is no implied commitment between any party until the printing of decal or wrap is ordered

Season Sponsors- YES, we do work on Seasonal sponsors 

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